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DIVERS24.COM: Baltictech 2022 conference - report

A long wait and great expectations, that’s how the situation that preceded the Baltictech 2022 conference can be described in a nutshell. We have been waiting three years for another installment of the Baltictech conference. The anticipation was further compounded by the fact that this was the 10th anniversary edition, in turn putting more pressure.

A long wait and great expectations, that’s how the situation that preceded the Baltictech 2022 conference can be described in a nutshell.

We have been waiting three years for another installment of the Baltictech conference. The anticipation was further compounded by the fact that this was the 10th anniversary edition, in turn putting more pressure on the organizers to properly fulfill their responsibilities.

In my case, this was the seventh time I’ve appeared at Baltictech, and I guess it’s this seniority that brings with it some reference points that are extremely helpful when it comes to analyzing and summarizing the whole thing.

Some news

The first conclusion that came to my mind is that any change of location clearly serves the conference itself. This was the case when the event was moved from the Olympic Preparation Center in Cetniewo to the Hotel Gdynia, then to the Science and Technology Park and now to the Naval Academy Main Library building in Gdynia. In my opinion, this change was necessary and moving between lecture halls and along alleys with exhibitors’ stands was smoother and more efficient than during previous editions.


The choice of a new location deserves all the more praise when we consider that Baltictech 2022 broke all attendance records. According to the information provided by the organizers, about 1,200 visitors attended the two-day event. If memory doesn’t fail me, this is nearly twice as many as during the previous edition in 2019. The previous location, despite its many assets, would certainly have had serious problems accommodating such crowds.


Crème de la crème, that is, what constitutes the main course at each edition of Baltictech – the lectures. As far as this aspect is concerned, of course, it is impossible to write such a summary, under which all conference participants would sign. Everyone has his or her own underwater preferences, and everyone showed up in Gdynia with their own expectations regarding the knowledge that the invited guests decided to share.

Nevertheless, it should be emphasized that the variety was so great that everyone was sure to find something just right for themselves. Especially since the lectures were held simultaneously in three different halls and there was plenty to choose from.

Presentation of awards

Blatictech wouldn’t be Baltictech if it weren’t for the traditional award ceremony crowning the official part of the first day of the conference. In the main hall, in addition to the organizers and invited guests, the sponsors and almost all the participants of Baltictech 2022 showed up. This is not surprising, after all (as every year) there were great and extremely valuable prizes to be won. Besides, this is the moment when funny situations, anecdotes and jokes appear one after another and some of which circulate in stories and memories for years to come. This time was no different, but the details are known only to those who were there.

The most important thing is the people

In my opinion, one of the most important roles Baltictech plays is the integration of the diving community. Noteworthy, every year this community (as well as the event itself) is more and more international. The number of familiar and often long-lost faces was enormous. It’s always a great pleasure to be able to see so many people with whom diving has connected me at some point in my life. I can’t recall a time when the statement “there was no end to the conversations” so well reflected the situation. During the 11th edition, this phenomenon is likely to gain momentum, as a sizable group of those newly acquainted have joined the ranks of “good old friends.”

What can be improved?

Lecture interpretation is the Achilles’ heel of many conferences and events, affecting some attendees. Both the simultaneous translation in the main hall and the solutions used in the two smaller halls were not perfect. In particular, the smaller halls did not use a sound system, and during some of the lectures, which were extremely packed, not everything could be heard. Especially when every now and then a door to the hallway opened, and the din coming from outside completely drowned out the speaker. Interestingly, Poles complained about the poor quality of translation, while friends from abroad had a completely different opinion on the matter.

In a word of conclusion

My overall assessment of the Baltictech 2022 conference and impressions of my stay are as positive as possible. Unfortunately, I point out that I am not the best person if you want an objective opinion. Since my first visit in 2009, this has consistently been my favorite event and one I feel strongly about. Therefore, if you want to find out what the Baltictech conference is all about and what it’s like on the ground, you need to show up in Gdynia and see for yourself.


As an addendum, I’m including a mini report by the duo behind the podcast From Under the Water, which will certainly give you a little more of an idea of what was happening in Gdynia on the last weekend of November 2022.


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