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DIVERS24.COM: Baltictech 2024: Dive into Inspiration - Tickets Now on Sale!

This year’s – already the 11th – Baltictech 2024 diving conference will be held November 23-24, 2024 in Gdynia.

We encourage you to buy tickets, pre-sale has just started. The Baltictech conference does not need to be widely introduced. A prestigious meeting of technical and recreational divers, distinguished specialists – speakers from around the world, and the diving fraternity in a masterpiece setting with plenty of industry highlights throughout an exciting two-day event. Participants, as always, will share knowledge, inspire, and expand diving horizons.

We will be able to listen to numerous lectures on diving achievements of the past years, learn from experts, find out what’s new in the industry, and see presentations on diving equipment. 32 booths of manufacturers, distributors, dive centers, and other companies in the industry are planned. It promises to be an exciting event.

lthough it seems that there is still a lot of time left until the event, tickets are disappearing quite quickly. In the pre-sale, first of all, you can guarantee yourself a secure seat, but also the lowest price. Tickets will be sold in several tranches, and their cost will be higher in each subsequent tranche, so it is not worth delaying your decision.

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The Baltictech Conference stands as a beacon in the world of diving, having carved out a prestigious position since its inception. This conference, primarily focused on technical and recreational diving, has evolved significantly over the years, marking its place as one of the most anticipated events in the international diving community.

Origins and Evolution

The Baltictech Conference sprang to life with the objective of creating a dedicated platform for divers of all levels, from novices to seasoned professionals, to converge, share knowledge, and explore the latest in diving technology and practices. Its foundation was driven by a passion for underwater exploration and a commitment to safety and education within the rapidly evolving sphere of technical diving.

From its early days, Baltictech distinguished itself by not only providing an arena for discussing advanced diving techniques and safety protocols but also by fostering a sense of community among divers. The event quickly gained momentum, drawing participants and speakers from around the globe, keen to partake in the rich exchange of knowledge and experiences that Baltictech offered.

Global Recognition and Impact

Over the years, Baltictech has expanded its scope, incorporating a wider range of topics and activities that appeal to both technical and recreational divers. The conference has hosted a myriad of distinguished speakers, including renowned specialists, explorers, and conservationists, who have shared insights on underwater archaeology, marine conservation, technological advancements, and personal tales of adventure and discovery.

The impact of Baltictech extends beyond the confines of the conference itself. It has played a pivotal role in promoting safe diving practices, advancing underwater technologies, and fostering a deeper appreciation for the underwater environment and its preservation. The conference has also served as a catalyst for research and exploration projects, contributing to significant underwater discoveries and advancements in diving techniques.

A Platform for Innovation and Community

Beyond the exchange of knowledge, Baltictech is celebrated for its vibrant community atmosphere. It provides attendees with the opportunity to network, build partnerships, and engage with leading brands and innovators in the diving industry. The event’s exhibition space showcases the latest equipment, technologies, and services, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of diving.

Looking Towards the Future

As it moves forward, Baltictech continues to evolve, reflecting the dynamic nature of the diving world. With each edition, it embraces new themes, challenges, and opportunities, aiming to inspire and educate the next generation of divers. The conference remains committed to its core mission of promoting safety, exploration, and conservation within the global diving community.

In summary, the Baltictech Conference represents more than just an event; it is a milestone in the ongoing story of underwater exploration and a testament to the enduring spirit of the diving community.


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